FOODSTOCK “We have to protect land that can grow food,”

I know you care about the world you live but your often frustrated by the lagging global economy and the descending quality of our natural environment, both by the way are interconnected. You want to make the world a better place but you’re not sure how. On Oct 16th you’ll have your chance to take a step in the right direction and be part of something special.

Welcome to Foodstock. It’s a pay-what-you-can culinary and musical rally against a proposed limestone mega quarry on prime agricultural land near Organeville, Ontario. This proposed quarry would be the second largest open pit mine in North America. The quarry would destroy thousands of acres of prime Ontario farmland and threaten the integrity of drinking water for over 1 million people in southern Ontario.

“We’re just at the dawn of localism, and after seeing the drought, hurricanes and floods that have happened in the United States, I think we had better secure where our food comes from.” Michael Stadtlander, event organizer of Foodstock who has enlisted more than 80 members of the Canadian Chefs’ Congress. “One of our policies is to work and protect farmers who are in need. More or less, this is a call to arms.”

The proposed quarry is a venture by the Highland Companies, owned by a Boston-based hedge fund, to develop high grade limestone located beneath this prime farmland. The suggested donation is $10 and can be paid in advance at or at the gate. The money will be used for legal fees to fight the mega quarry.

Read more from the Toronto Star article where I pulled most of this information here.

Two of my friends are producing a documentary on this quarry and have a trailer which I posted a while back on my blog.

Another great video on the quarry.

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