end of september update


It has been a while since I have last put up a post but I can assure you things have been moving along so here is an update.

100 DAYS. sold and delivered to OLN but it will not be on tv until the new year however.

OLD MAN RIVER. Max and I have been going at this hard. From 670 hours of footage we now have the piece in a solid rough cut running at just under 3 hours. The final doc will be 90 minutes. Our plan is to have it complete for the end of November but it will not be screened until 2012.

And last night Les brought me out to a cool event in Hamilton. The event had an amazing drum session by the Red Shadow Singers . I also learned about the Seven Sacred Laws which is worth a glance.

Next week I am off to Wyoming for the Jackson Hole Film Festival with my trusted supporter Darlene Anderson.

anyways back to get OMR ready for November.

see ya on the water.

One thought on “end of september update
  1. Amazing Brett!!
    I’m very excited to see it! :)

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