My trip to Antarctica on Discovery Channel tonight @ 8

Greetings River Rats,

If your at home tonight, check out Discovery Channel Canada at 8 PM EST and watch the show ‘Mighty Ships’. This is the gig I worked on which brought be down to southern continent last November. I was watching Discovery the other day and saw a promo video for the show but I have been unable to locate it online.

Here is the write up for the episode… “Le Boreal is only six months old, sleek and nimble as a yacht, with the luxurious appointments and services of a cruise ship; she’s also built to take on the furious weather and towering waves of the Southern Ocean.”

For me, to have the opportunity to work in Antarctica and South Georgia Island for 17 days was truly an experience of a lifetime. Below are two videos that I shot while I was getting time lapses for the show (which was one of my jobs). The videos do not show the ship or any people for that matter, but they do show the beauty of life on the south seas. You have to watch the Discovery tonight to see how incredible ‘Le Boreal’ is…

Signing off from Burlington, Newfoundland on the Baie Verte Peninsula,


3 thoughts on “My trip to Antarctica on Discovery Channel tonight @ 8
  1. Wow, Antarctica is so beautiful beyond words! To think you were that close to the penquins and sea lions and that they didn’t even seem to be afraid of your presence.
    Will definitely watch Mighty Ships tonite.
    Glad you’re enjoying your gig in Newfoundland.

  2. great work, thanks for sharing a part of the world that most of us will never get to visit. thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. Fantastic Brett – my TV just died in the middle of the Rogers Cup, so I’ll need to get a DVD from you! Hope all’s well and that we can catch up soon.

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