River Rat Update


Alright, time for a quick update.

100 Days. Just like life on the river, things never go as planned. Getting 100 Days complete has been an epic battle. Recently we hit some unexpected delays, a couple of portages so-to-speak and embraced some stormy nights. But, we seem to be back on track. I hope to share the good news as to when 100 Days will be broadcasted in Canada asap.

Old Man River. Another epic battle off the river, the edit for OMR is coming along. Our initial plan was to produce a series. Not happening. Just like 100 Days, OMR is a “passion project” that should be complete for the end of September. And by passion I am implying that I am producing this production with my own funds accompanied by the dedication of a few other key people. Our hope is that with a solid 100 Days and OMR, we can get the resources required to continue telling stories and exploring the water.

I am now planning a grassroots tour with OMR. The idea is to travel across southern Ontario and to a handful of selected locations along the Mississippi River for October and November. More to come on that. And if you have any ideas, please share.

As for the edit of OMR, Max and I cut the 670 hours of footage down into a 13 hour assembly of the “best” stuff. Now the real magic begins. I am pleased to announce that Barry Farrell, the Senior Editor from Suvivorman and the Supervising editor
from Deepa Mehta’s Trilogy, Fire/Earth/Water, is adding his editing magic to OMR. Max and Barry are pushing hard to get OMR polished up.

As for myself… ensuring that my nomadic lifestyle continues, I just accepted a last minute gig for a TV series that is being shot out in Newfoundland. I leave Thursday and will be back later in August.

Since OMR is close to being complete I thought I’d share some photographs that Tank captured while on the Mississippi River.


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  1. As regards the photos at the end of your news, I really like the one of the sailboat in the sunset. can not wait to see photos of your Mississippi River Trip. Regards, Susan.

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