Grand River Adventure

The route we canoed on the Grand River

This past week Cliff and myself decided to take on a local adventure on the Grand River. We ended up paddling 110 km from Paris to Dunnville over 3 days. It felt great to get back on the water and enjoy river life yet again.

If you remember the weather last week, southern Ontario had a few tornadoes and some crazy weather. Although we were only on the river for 2 nights we had 2 of the worse storms I have ever experienced including 5 hours of non-stop lightening. Both Cliff and I joked that we rowed a boat for 110 days down the Mississippi River but might die from lightening only an hour away from home. We weathered the storms and managed to get a few hours of sleep in too but I do hope that I never experience anything like that again.

The Grand River is a beautiful river within our own backyard (if you live in southern Ontario) and a fine example of how adventure, nature and good times is easily within reach. As you can tell from the pictures, Cliff made a fishing rod and managed to catch 3 catfish, a moon eye and a large mouth bass. On our first day alone we saw 2 deer, 2 turkeys, 1 muskrat, 20 plus blue herons, 30 plus turtles, and countless ducks and geese, by far the greatest concentration of wildlife I have ever seen in one day. And just before we pulled out at Dunnville, Cliff spotted a beautiful bald eagle.

I highly recommend this river to anyone but south of Brantford the current does slow down so the more northern reaches (which we did not canoe) might be more fun. Regardless, the Grand River is a great spot to reconnect with nature and yourself.

See ya on the water,


3 thoughts on “Grand River Adventure
  1. Wow-you never cease to amaze me Brett! Good for you guys and glad to see that you came through the storms in one piece.


  2. But on the river boys love it… glad you made it out alive though. Great pics more adventures to come my friends.


  3. On the river again boys… love it… glad you made it out alive though… Great pics more adventures to come my friends.


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