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My second blog post of the day.

Two of my creative friends have been working on a video regarding a proposed mega quarry in Ontario. I thought you might like to checkout the video and read up on what could become the largest quarry in Canada.

While quarries do provide aggregate to build and maintain the infrastructure of our cities, the vast majority of development these days is supporting the expansion of urban sprawl into our rural lands. I personally do no support urban sprawl. In a time of global food shortages, water scarcity and record energy cost, I believe it is in Ontario’s best interest to protect our ability to produce local food, maintain the integrity our of drinking water and build high density-smart cities that will make Ontario a competitive and attractive place for business and citizens.

I can appreciate that building a mega quarry is better for the bottom line if your a hedge fund like the Highlands Company (which is behind this mega quarry) but as a society we must put more value on the long term implications of such development rather than focus on the short term financial gains that often cloud the decision making process.

While we do live in a global economy, almost all of the benefit from this proposed quarry would be generated for foreign interest outside of Canada while jeopardizing the livelihoods of Ontario farmers and threatening the water supply to over 1 million people in the GTA. I am not convinced this quarry is in Ontario’s best interest.

We absolutely need quarries but as a society it is time we take into account all the implications of such large-scale developments because what is at stake is a lot more than just crushed rock.

Enough from me, enjoy the video.


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