ONE NIGHT ONLY // 100 Days // Toronto

Hannah Solomon carving away on King Salmon @ the smokehouse in Fort Yukon. Widow of Traditional Chief Solomon of the Gwich'in People.

Greetings River Rats,

Tomorrow night in Toronto, 100 Days will be screened for one night only at Innis Town Hall at U of T. Now if you have not already purchased tickets through Max or myself your going to have to buy them at the door. We only have 60 tickets left and expect to sellout before the doors open at 7:30. What I am saying is… GET THERE EARLY! We will be selling tickets at the door at 7, so if you want to go, do not be late as we are 100% going to sellout. Tickets are $10. We accept cash and gold only.

FOLLOWING THE FILM… a Q&A with yours truly and a sneak peak at “Old Man River” the next adventure doc from the waters of the Mighty Mississippi River. I will also being giving a quick update on the flooding that is going on as the river is expected to crest (reach maximum flood levels) in New Orleans this weekend -the outcome is uncertain but I know the Old Man River crew is thinking about our brothers and sisters down river.

As for me, I will be spreading the word about these expeditions at High Schools tomorrow, Friday and Tuesday. And it looks like I maybe doing a screening of 100 Days in Ottawa for Canadian Rivers week on June 13th – more to come on that later.

See you on the water,


One thought on “ONE NIGHT ONLY // 100 Days // Toronto
  1. That fish looks yummy! I bet that is going to taste sooo good when she is done preparing it… I would love to see your films in the theatre, but unfortunately I am out of current range, so I am waiting for an international screening or the dvd, whichever comes first… Wishing you the very best, always…

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