Earth Day @ Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute

From the Waterloo screenings of ‘100 Days’ word spread about my adventure on the Yukon. I was approached by a couple of students from Cameron Heights HS in Kitchener to give a talk on Earth Day eve (Earth Day fell on Good Friday this year) – I agreed. I gave a talk about rivers, expeditions and why water is amazing, plus I played a scene from the flick and ended with the Old Man River promo video before the school headed out for a yard cleanup. Overall, the experience was great and I hope to be back in a High School sharing stories from the river soon.

Photographs by Peter Kovacs

2 thoughts on “Earth Day @ Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
  1. Hi Brett,

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to come to Cameron Heights. As a staff member I was so inspired by your message to the students — basically, get a plan, put it into action, live and love your life….at least that’s what I took from it. That, and save our watersheds. I am hoping to come to Guelph screening of the film and ask you a few questions about your adventures. And, at the very least I’m excited to see the film.
    Thanks again for being yet one more person who’s made Cameron great.

    • Holly – thanks for the message and yes that is my message. That would be great if you can make it to Guelph. I look forward to answering your questions! Rock on. Brett

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