100 Days, 4th and final screening added for Waterloo.

Greetings River Rats,

It has been a welcomed surprise to see ‘100 Days’ so well received in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region. Originally my idea was to do one screening at the Princess Cinema before ‘100 Days’ debuts on Canadian TV later this spring but tickets sales have since encouraged me to add 3 more screenings.

All screenings are introduced by myself followed by a 15 minute question & answer period and a sneak speak of my next documentary from my expedition down the Mississippi River, titled ‘Old Man River’. Plus everyone (or every household) gets a ‘100 Days’ complementary postcard to take home.

I hope to see you @ the next screening!



March 31st, the day of the first screening. Final preparations.

Nothing wrong with doing a double check before the big night!

One thought on “100 Days, 4th and final screening added for Waterloo.
  1. I have OLN and 100days in my smart search. I keep watching for it and can’t wait to see it and “Old man river”- Hi to you all.
    Fellow river rats,
    Lori and Randy :-)

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