To Tell a Story

Brett and Wes in Alaska

Dear River Rats,

On April 1st, 2005 I premiered my first ever documentary from my first major expedition on the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories. Having hundreds of people, many of them strangers, fill the bottom bowl of Hagey Hall at the University of Waterloo was a life changing experience for me. With my undergrad studies almost complete, the thrill of telling my first story through video changed the course of my life forever as I decided right then and there that I wanted to tell stories as my livelihood.

Now 6 years later the long awaited release of my second documentary 100 Days is premiering tonight in the heart of Waterloo at the Princess Cinema. When I set out to produce the Yukon River expedition I knew I could up my game but I never imagined that it would take the better part of a decade to get the story done. It has been a journey of many lost battles and endless bouts of frustration, yet through it all I finally won the war thanks to the help of countless people who believed in both myself and the story of our adventure.

I have long believed that storytelling can change the world as telling stories is the very essence of the human experience. From mysterious hieroglyphs deep in the caverns of giant caves in the Alps to the oral legends of the Gwich’in people in the far north, human beings have been telling stories for thousands of years. While today we have more tools and more methods to communicate than ever before, with all the mediums that exist, the essence of storytelling has never changed.

People expect to be transported beyond the familiarity of their own lives. They want to step into a new world and experience new discoveries, behaviors and see places that evoke their imaginations, if only for a brief moment. Tonight we will find out if 100 Days can deliver a 45 minute break from the trials and tribulations of day to day life as we ALL raft the Yukon River for the far edge of Alaska, together.

Let the show begin!

The boys in Fort Yukon

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  1. can’t wait to see the show tonight buddy!

  2. Great post bro! Keep on Rockin! Love the pics.

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