The City of Burlington is polluting our drinking water

On Saturday I went paddle boarding at my local launch point at Spencer Smith Park, in Burlington. You could make a good argument that between Spencer Smith Park and the Skyway bridge is some of the best recreational shoreline on Lake Ontario. Spencer Smith hosts some pretty awesome festivals like the Sound of Music and Rib Fest, while Burlington Beach is honestly one of the best places to swim, anywhere. Over the last four years I have spent a lot of my leisure time paddling my standup paddle board here. I love this place so much.

Mark Mattson is the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. I worked for him for 9 months, 9 years ago. Looking back now, man was that an awesome job. Over the past handful of months I have really taken every opportunity of free time to helpĀ promote the work Mark is doing. A big part of that has been collecting Watermarks and exploring Burlington Bay in Annie, my York Boat. Since I’ve spent so much time with Mark lately, I’ve also learned a ton about Lake Ontario.

I shot this video after a rainstorm, shared it on facebook and it went micro viral. Over 250,000 views, and 1500 shares. From this I was able to get a meeting w the Mayor at City Hall and Burlington is now going to test the waters for E.coli twice a week, up from once. A small step in the right direction, which also shows the power of social media.



The video below was taken 36 hours priorĀ to my return to capture the pollution in action.



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