Annie Is Home


After a 4000 km round trip drive across nine US States, Annie the York Boat is now home. Cliff, Doug and myself drove down to Clarksdale, Mississippi to see Brother John and the Mighty Quapaws. They have been taking great care of Annie for the past year.  John and Annie just survived a huge flood that caused major damage to the region. It was so great to see John again. John rowed with us from Baton Rouge to the Gulf of Mexico during our 2009 expedition.

Now that Annie is home, we will now figure out how to put her to use. More to come on this. We’re just thrilled to have her back home for the summer. We can’t believe how big and beautiful she is either.

Thanks to my Brother-in-Law and my sister for lending us their truck. They happened to be on their honeymoon so we had a truck to haul Annie home. Halfway home we stopped in Cincinnati to see Darlene and Jeff Anderson, two of the most awesome people I have ever known. They believed in my dream to build a boat and row the Mississippi River way back in 2008 when I first met them at Waterkeeper event.

The boat we built with our own bare hands we named Annie. This trip marked the first time Annie’s parents, Libby and Tim, we’re able to see the boat that we built with the help of Darlene and Jeff. Below is an interview I did with Libby and Tim four years ago about Annie’s story.


2 thoughts on “Annie Is Home
  1. Roy Quinn (Roy Boy)

    After an eternity I was shock to see “ANNIE” in her splendor driving up Brett’s driveway. In my mind I still had the view of of the damaged (well earn) scratched, chipped and gouged with the dirty grey paint
    on the inside. I think my memory is still plastered from all that happened on the Mississippi, I think I can remember every item on the videos I received. Who ever did the reconditioning and the addition to the
    tiller matched the original hull and then some, well done all. It sure takes me back to the day Brett, Cliff (Kyle) and myself started out in the Land Rover towing ANNIE to Minnesota.

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