Old Man River – Official Promo [HD]

This project is now in post-production and we plan to have the piece completed for summers end and on TV for September (yet to be determined).  Les Stroud will be narrating this piece just like he did for 100 Days (Yukon).

A big thanks to the entire Old Man River crew and all those who helped us along the way.  Not only did we pull off a 4000 km expedition without burning a single tank of gas but we executed a gorilla-grassroots production through the very heart of America and captured a story that I believe will inspire millions for generations to come.

Finally, a special thanks to Max who did a first class job editing the promo and is editing Old Man River… stay tuned and stay pumped.


3 thoughts on “Old Man River – Official Promo [HD]
  1. I’m speechless, which you know is almost impossible for me! Unbelievable! I cannot wait to see the final product. Congrats Brett & Crew!

  2. You’re an amazing young man, Brett. God bless you.

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