Manitoba Moose Hunt

I’ve been eating meat my entire life. While I would say I am somewhat sensitive to the idea that eating meat means eating something that was once alive, I can’t say that I truly understood the complexities of this meaning until I experienced a hunt, first hand.

When the opportunity came about to join my friend Dave MacDonald on a moose hunt in Manitoba, I knew I had to go. For seven nights days, nothing. We slept under the stars and sat on rocks for hours on end, waiting. It had been a very long time when I found myself in nature with so much time, and even more silence, to think through my thoughts.

On the morning of day eight, just as we a woke to pack up and head out, a moose appeared. Equipped with my GoPro, I tried my best to document the experience,  while also being an active participant in the process.

In the end, Dave got his moose which will feed his family for a year, and I got the experience I was looking for.

IMG_4383 IMG_4381 IMG_4253 IMG_4236

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