Path to Exploration

This Halloween marks seven years to the date when I began to dedicate my efforts to undertaking my first expedition, the Mackenzie River.  Since that weekend, my life has been on an incredible journey that has taken me down three of the biggest rivers in North America.

Now seven years later, I am proud to announce that I have been accepted into The Explorers Club.  The Explorers Club is a professional society dedicated to preserving the instinct to explore.  It was founded in New York City way back in 1904, and lucky for me, 106 years after the Club began, I have found a home amongst the world’s best explorers.

I was nominated into The Explorers Club by Gord Laco and received the Board’s approval last month.  Gord was the driving force behind the construction of my trusted York Boat, Annie.  Annie, of course, was the boat we rowed down the Mississippi from August to December of 2009.

It is an absolute honour to be part of The Explorers Club and this weekend I will be attending my first Club event in New York City for the Lowell Thomas Annual Dinner.

My journey as an Explorer has only just begun.

2 thoughts on “Path to Exploration
  1. Congradulations Brett, thats awesome!
    Randy and I look forward to keeping up with your future
    From Palisade MN. (mile marker 269)
    Best of luck with your future!!
    Lori :-)

    • Lori and Randy,
      It was well over a year ago that we stopped by for some great American hospitality.
      Palisade was a highlight for all of us.
      See ya on the river,

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