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Greetings all,

My talk I did in Montreal at TEDx McGill is now up.  Excuse the pause at the start, it was an A/V problem.

See you on the water,


14 thoughts on “Brett Talks @ TEDxMcGill
  1. Great Speech Brett! xo

  2. Brett, you always have been and continue to be an inspiration and an example of what passion can accomplish.

    Congratulations on this, and your OLN deal. I can’t wait to see your newest films!


  3. Compelling speech Brett — congratulations on a job well done!

  4. Great job Brett! whoooo

  5. Hi Brett
    Wonderful speech – you said it all!
    Growing up close to a shipyard in Washington state I remember seeing huge ships in dry docks being repaired and watching all the oil, fuel, PCP’s, sludge and other hazardous materials being dumped into the bottom of these dry docks. Then when the repairs were complete the dry dock were flooded… the ships were lifted off of their resting platforms and the doors were opened. This not only let these great ships leave it also allow all the materials in the bottom of the dry docks to escape into the water systems and then into the fish and wildlife in the area and then eventually end up on our dinner table.
    And we wonder why people die of cancer everyday…

    See ya down river

    • Thanks for writing that response – what can I say, you lived it and saw it. Your message is important, and exactly why I am excited to have a blog back up and running because it brings people together to share ideas and discuss. Right on.

      How is your boat these days?
      Any more pictures?
      I love to write a blog about your boat so let me know via email or facebook.

      Say hi to the family.

  6. Wonderful motivational presentation. Maybe one day you can get back to Labrador to do one for us. Our struggle continues. The Environmental Assessment Panel Hearings are set to begin March 3 and we are busy bees trying to get our ducks in a row for that. Some of the presenters will be the people you met when here: Dr. Gibson, Phil Raphall, Bruno Marchioochio, Dr. Murray Rudd (who now teaches at York University in England), Dr. Nejem Raheam, etc. Wonder how your message might fit in? Hm-m-m.

  7. Hi Brett:

    Love that comment, “some places are just not meant to be developed”… guess that’s how we feel about the Grand (a.k.a. Churchill) River in Labrador.

    Good show… really interesting! Keep going “on the water”.

  8. There is a tremendous message here that needs to be heard far and wide. It’s about how we as a society (and that’s all of us), view and approach wealth, prosperity, the environment, sustainability and even humanity. To paraphrase Brett:
    “We know eventually were going to have to get off oil – there’s no question. It may be 5 years, it may be a century. …. Do we delay the inevitable …. and turn up every last inch of land to try and find that last drop, or do we accept that it’s time to move on, to build a new economy, to build a smarter world and let those last few wild places, like the Yukon River, live on?”
    There will be a new economy; there will be wealth and prosperity after oil and there will be a smarter world – it may be 5 years, it may be a century. A handful of corporations hold the rights to exploit the world’s oil. But the willingness of consumers to accept higher and higher prices for oil and gas provides the money to destroy our last few wild places. As the resource becomes even scarcer, corporate profits soar; investors make money; speculators make money; governments make money. Would they stop to preserve a traditional way of life of a Native people? When do they stop? The question is more appropriately, when do we stop?
    “….. It’s a big question and a question we now face. The good news is that the answer is up to us.” Thanks Brett for delivering the message.

    • Rodney thanks for the message. You got what I was trying to say even more clearly than I understood what I was saying (if that makes sense). I am sick of business vs environment, left vs right, lets look forward. We can create an incredible world but we (all of us) have to want it.

  9. Awesome Brett!!

  10. Just back from vacation and having a chance to get caught up with your Blog. Wow! Very impressive speech. You’re a natural.

  11. Great work Brett. You can really tell you care about what you are speaking to which makes it super compelling for the audience. You rocked it!

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