Update – 7 Days and More

Thanks for tuning into 7 Days In Hell.  The response has been very encouraging, both from friends and total strangers.  I really hope we can land a series, and we should know more about that in early 2014.  In case you missed it, for the premiere I did a live interview on The Morning Show on Global and an radio interview out in Edmonton on News 630 AM.  I have no clue how long these links will be online but check them out now if you like.

I also wanted to give an update on Mohammed, the young man with the broken arm who returned our camera. That was almost a year ago, and while we did raise $1,400 to help him, my two contacts in India have gone MIA on me.  It’s a long story, and very frustrating, but I can assure you that I will find Mohammed and I will get his arm fixed, eventually.

Speaking of India, I wrote a short article for the Huffington Post about 5 lessons the River Ganges taught me.

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4 thoughts on “Update – 7 Days and More
  1. I really enjoyed “7 Days in Hell”. I hope to have you as a guest on the Barefoot Bushcraft Radio show to talk more about it in the coming year!

  2. I watched your show the other day and I thought it was great. You are really lucky to do what you do. It would be truly amazing to be able to travel to some of the places that you’ve been and to experience them the way that you do. I have a hard time just finding people to camp out in the middle of nowhere with me, and that’s with good supplies. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes its nice to just be by yourself, however, it would really be something to be able to share it with someone else. You’re lucky that you can do that. I have spent many a day and many a night out in the woods and its good to see that there are people out there somewhere who still have a real passion and respect for the outdoors. I don’t usually spend my time writing to someone who has no idea who I am, but I really liked your show. There is one thing I can mention to you that could possibly make your show a little better…don’t forget to bring me next time!!!

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