7 Days In Hell, History Television

Here is a collection of videos from the series I created, 7 Days In Hell.


7 Days In Hell television commercial

The Series Sizzle Reel

How we shot it

Just so you know


How we prepared for the pilot

4 thoughts on “7 Days In Hell, History Television
  1. Really enjoyed watching the pilot of 7 Days in Hell last night !! Sure hope we get to see you guys in more adventures. I found the historical facts you
    had throughout the show fascinating !! Love learning something new while being
    entertained !! And the challenges you faced were unbelievable !! Glad you both
    made it through safely.

  2. I loved the pilot! I stumbled upon it by mistake but I was instantly hooked. The author of the Winnipeg Free Press article seems to have missed what this pilot was about. It isn’t about survival or wilderness experts… it is about two friends challenging themselves to gain some perspectives on the hardships that were faced in the past. I enjoyed how both guys were not “experts” because it made it more relatable to someone like me. The chemistry between the two friends was my favourite part as I am in the same age range and this is exactly how to best buddies act with eachother.
    Great Job

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