7 Days In Hell – Premiering on History, Dec 17th @ 10


Clear your calendars for Tuesday, December 17th at 10 PM for the premier of 7 Days In Hell.

For this pilot to be turned into a television series (meaning Cliff and myself would be sent all over the world to be starved and worn down as we live-out historic scenarios for your viewing pleasure), we need thousands and thousands of people like you to tune into History on Dec 17th. Please feel free to share this blog post so we can live-out our hellish dream of pain and suffering the old fashion way.

A special thanks to the folks at History (Shaw Media), Proper Television and all of the talented freelancers who have contributed blood, sweat and tears throughout this creative process – that includes you too, Cliff.

Air dates (eastern standard time):  Tuesday, Dec 17th @ 10 PM — Wednesday, Dec 18th @ 4 PM — Wednesday, Dec 18th @ 6 PM — Saturday, Dec 21st @ 12 PM — Saturday, Dec 21st @ 7 PM — Sunday, Dec 22nd @ 3 AM
4 thoughts on “7 Days In Hell – Premiering on History, Dec 17th @ 10
  1. Good luck mate. Still living the dream. Glad someone’s got the guts to still do it and inspire others to do the same!

  2. Hey Brett,
    Do you have a map showing where you travelled on foot?
    Congratulations again!!

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