University of Waterloo – Alumni Interview – 7 Days In Hell

Brett Rogers: Find out how this Environment alumn is turning his love of the great outdoors into a career in TV

There are many obvious reasons why a Faculty of Environment alumn would not find themselves anywhere near Donald Trump’s personal jet. But that’s exactly where Geography and Environmental Management alumnus Brett Rogers was when he got the idea for an upcoming television show, taking him and a friend on a grueling historical journey through earth’s harshest environments.

Rogers is a budding star on Canadian television. You may not have heard of him yet but you soon will.  As a media entrepreneur, Rogers has a unique point of view distinctly rooted in his studies in Environment.

“I was working on a show called Mighty Planes as a camera assistant and we were working on an episode that was on Trump and his Boeing 757,” explains Rogers. “I was tired of being a camera assistant, I wanted my own show that I could produce and direct myself.  During the shoot this idea came into my head, which I coined, 7 Days in Hell. The premise is; my buddy and I are dropped into historic worse-case scenarios, totally unsupported and we have to film the whole thing ourselves while setting out to survive for a week.”


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  1. Can’t wait till December…do you know the date?
    Please let us know, we don’t want to miss it.

    love ya, jany

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