Back from Hell


My feet are so badly beat up I can hardly walk thanks to a combination of blisters and calluses from hiking through the wilderness in leather-soled boots that where wet more often than they where dry. My fingers hardy work either.  I just carried a 80 lbs pack for a week and yet I can hardly find the strength to pick up my daypack with my laptop to write this update. It was a week in HELL.  It was hard as heck but I am so thankful for the experience, it was 7 days I will never forget. I look forward to sharing this story later this year.


The creative dream team after we reunited after day 7.  Doug, Cliff, myself and Andrew.

The creative dream team after we reunited after day 7. Doug, Cliff, myself and Andrew.

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8 Responses to Back from Hell

  1. Linda Bundesen says:

    Glad you are all alive!!! What an experience for you. I hope to see your story soon!!

  2. Susan Rogers says:

    Congrats to you, Kyle, Andrew and Doug, relieved you are all back safely from the Yukon bush!!! Love Mom xoxo

  3. janice hansis says:

    Sounds a little scary, take care of those feet,
    elevate them when you can. Looking forward
    to the story….when are you back?
    Love Jany

  4. Norm Harris says:

    Glad to hear from you again! – Cant wait to hear the stories!
    Take care

  5. Roy and Jennie Quinn says:

    Hi Brett, congratulations you got them all back, I can imagine how bad it was after meeting up with Kyle the day after your return he was beat or using the correct english word nackerd!
    I’ll wait to see if it was truly that hard, did I tell you when we swam over from England it was rain and I…………………………………………………. You did it great.Roy.

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