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Eric and myself (I am the blonde) posing for the camera. This was the first night I ever spent in the Yukon and one, if not the greatest, experiences of my life.


Today I am heading back to the Yukon Territory (I am actually in Vancouver now).  I first arrived there as a 18 year old in search of true wilderness by way of a four day bus trip on a Greyhound bus with my good buddy Eric Addie. We spent six nights and seven days crossing raging rivers, hiking through waist deep snow and encountering, for the first time – but not the last, a full grown grizzly bear.  But this wasn’t my first introduction to the Yukon. That came years before, back when I was in grade 3, and, sick with the flu, my Mom rented me a National Geographic documentary titled Yukon Passage, about four men who built a log raft in the tradition of the Klondike Gold Rush.  I was hooked, and I still am.

Over the last 2 years I have been talking with Nick Crowe, an Executive Producer at HISTORY Canada about working together to create a television show that embraces my authentic style of storytelling while celebrating the high quality programming that people have come to expect from HISTORY.  Welcome to 7 DAYS IN HELL.

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The idea is simple, my river mate Cliff Quinn and myself are dropped into a historic scenario of survival with a mission to overcome that culminates on the 7th day. We’re left only with period gear and all the camera equipment needed to self-document our struggle.

For this shoot we will walk in the footsteps of those brave souls who first ventured into the wilds of the Yukon looking for gold.  Cliff and I will set out to survive the elements with period gear from 1885 in the very valley that the first gold discovery in the Yukon took place, the Fortymile region.  For 7 days we will live like gold prospectors as we set out on an ambitious, and equally dangerous expedition.

I went to University thinking I would become an environmental lawyer but I left with a burning desire to tell stories that would inspire others like that National Geographic documentary inspired me when I was 9 years old.  Now with the incredible support of HISTORY Canada, along with Proper Television in Toronto, and a great team of committed and talented people, it’s time to tell another story that we will share with you towards the end of 2013 on HISTORY Canada.

See you in Hell,


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Cliff, Nick and myself having some fun

P.S.  There will be more information to follow in the coming weeks and months.  Any help with spreading with the word is greatly appreciated. To follow HISTORY Canada (which will be posting info on 7 Days In Hell) join the following… Website: history.ca Facebook: facebook.com/HistoryTVCanada Twitter: @HistoryTVCanada

P.S.S.  I also wanted to give a special thanks for the Official Outfitter of 7 Days In Hell; Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co.  Owner’s and Tim and Chris have been supporting my expeditions for years. If you need any top notch outdoor gear I highly recommend checking out the store or visit online.

33 thoughts on “7 DAYS IN HELL… HISTORY Canada
  1. Roy and Jennie Quinn

    Brett enjoy yourselves whilst doing it as you no it will be good, be carefull up down river both of you and good luck. Jennie and Roy.

  2. Strewth!! After travelling through the glorious Yukon myself last year and hearing the stories about how those pioneers travelled, you have one tough journey ahead. Can’t wait to be able to view it. Good luck!! Please take care with those bears!!!

  3. Hey guys,

    Have a great trip out in the wilds. The gear looks really good on ya!!

  4. Hell yeah! Man I am SO excited for this! be careful and keep doing what you love !

  5. Brett! Wow! So happy for you. I’ll never forget you in University building the miniature model of your raft for the Yukon out of popsicle sticks, while talking about your/this dream. So happy its continuing, and now more than ever! You are an inspiration and I am your fan! All the best to you out there!

  6. That’s terrific news !!! Can’t wait to see it !!
    I will be calling Rogers to add the HISTORY channel to my assortment. I certainly
    don’t want to miss a moment of it !
    Save travels !!

  7. Awesome! I was always a big fan of Pioneer Quest on History – I love the challenge of using historic gear! I am actually working on planning a Habitat for Humanity trip to Whitehorse for August 2014 specifically for uWaterloo faculty and staff…hopefully we’ll be using modern tools! Spread the word if you have any friends on campus who might be interested!

  8. A new adventure…..always exciting, will follow you.
    Take good care….Jany x0

  9. I’m a long time good friend of Dave McDonald and he mentioned you guys to me. Speaks very highly of your ambitions and abilities. I’m looking forward to watching your production – watching, enjoying and learning.
    Travel Safe Boys – hope to meet sometime in the future.
    SAR, ‘old school’ Black powder bird and game hunter

  10. Just a quick question for Nick: Is that a 3 band PH Enfield .451 percussion (top hat) rifle?
    Have you experimented with FFF Powder, Cork cards, #7-1/2 bird shot and over-shot cards for short range squirrels and partridge? If not, I’ll send you what you need via Dave.

  11. What is the music for the promo commerical? Trouble my way? Phenomenal gospel / blues…

  12. I just had the pure joy of falling upon the beginning of this show while channel surfing ! What a TREAT ! I will spread the word ! It was EXCELLENT !
    Stay exactly the way you are young men and you will go “places” ! Pun intended :)
    Very refreshing to watch genuine people with no pretense; it is very charismatic and endearing.
    Wishing you the Best for the New Year and let’s hope to see more of your work :)
    Bravo History for having such great taste !

  13. Just watched your show. What a great idea! I’ve always been interested in trying something along the same lines, wilderness survival. Tough stuff them Pioneers did, you guys did great though. Hopefully I do something similar one day

  14. I watched your show the other day and it was quite interesting to see. I can never get people to go out into the middle of nowhere with me, your lucky that you can do that. It looks like a really rewarding experience. Don’t forget to bring me along next time!

  15. Dude;
    What a great show.
    You guys are crazy. Love ya.
    Keep up the great work.

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