The Explorers Club Gala, NYC

I just returned from The Explorers Club Gala in NYC at the Waldorf Astoria.  A special thanks to Jeff and Darlene who invited Lyndsey and I to their table, and continue to be my trusted supporters from the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I had many highlights including attending a private event at The Explorers Club headquarters to listen to James Cameron talk about being the first human to reach the 11-kilometer-deep, Mariana Trench, solo.  At the Gala I met ocean researcher Sylvia Earle who was named by Time Magazine as the first Hero for the Planet.

The most memorable experience was listening to astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter, both two of the original seven astronauts selected for NASA in April 1959, speak about exploration.  This will go down as the most inspiring talk I have ever had the good fortune of seeing in person.

My experience in NYC was a reminder to the power of the human spirit as we push to explore new frontiers both here on earth and into the Universe beyond.

Here is a 90 sec vid I shot on my phone when James Cameron answered a question about the importance of exploration.  Not the best video in terms of image and audio but great insight.





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  1. So great Brett!!

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