Surviving Manitoba

Cliff and I just got back from a 11 day training session in rural Manitoba with the International Canadian School of Survival.  Dave MacDonald and his boys gave us a great experience, I highly recommend the school. 

The highlight for me was doing the cold water immersion which taught me how the human body can endure cold water way longer than I previously thought before hypothermia is a risk.  Plus anytime I can sleep outside in -20 weather is always a welcomed experience and some of the best sleeping too (I had not slept that good since sleeping in the boat in India).

Enjoy some of these pictures.


3 thoughts on “Surviving Manitoba
  1. You continue to impress me, You love life
    and it loves you back. Grab all the gusto
    from it, that’s why you’re here.
    Luv ya, Jany

  2. Wow .. I should check out if they have something like this in Australia – without the snow obviously.

  3. You really grab life by the whatever is on the go. I’m sure all the info and activities were a great experience for you and your friend. Who knows maybe you will tackle Antartica, with all this new knowledge. Keep it up, you are never done learning!!

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