India Update #12

Our expedition is complete! We spent the past 10 days on the River Ganges traveling from Allahabad to Gazipur. Although this may not compare in duration to some of my other expeditions we will take away just as much.

What was the highlight? Sleeping on the boat, cooking bread on cow dung, floating through the fog in the early morning, walking through villages lost in time… but the greatest experience of all has been sharing this journey with friends new and old. The Ganga was all I dreamt she be and much more.

The original plan was to find a boat and take off solo but we decided to hire a local boatman last minute and use his boat to undertake the expedition. This ended up being a wise choice. Ravi and his boatmen we’re superb. We were able to see India through a lens we could not otherwise see. During the expedition we rowed while Ravi and his boys steered the boat. With the little English they spoke, and the fact we could not speak Hindi, we actually were able to communicate pretty easily.

And get this… we saw the extremely endangered Ganges River Dolphin. Well, we’re pretty sure. Ravi said it was a fish but after doing some research we figured the giant specimen that kept jumping out of the water was in fact the Dolphin. I am 97% certain.

A big special thanks to Kensington Tours for helping to facilitate this expedition, without them none of this would had been possible. We have just under a week until we land back on home turf so we’re heading down to Goa to relax for a few days in the sun. We had planned on going a few days further but multiple boatmen on the river said the Mafia was a serious threat east of Gazipur so we decided to play it save and end at Gazipur.

In the meantime we wish everyone back home a Merry Christmas and we will see ya for the New Year.

See ya down river,


p.s. Gord we posted lots of boat pictures for you. The boat is only 3 years old. She was a beaut. Her name is Sita.

4 thoughts on “India Update #12
  1. Hi Team India,
    Glad to hear that you all enjoyed your time on the Ganges, I’m sure you have plenty of storeys to tell when you return and we are all ready for them but I some how don’t think it was quite as hard or exciting as the Mississipi. The photo’s we have seen are self explanatory in showing the tremendous differences in our life styles, Canada is fantastic period. Rest up in Goa because you have job ahead of you all as we are only at $750.00 to date on the collectsion Mohd’s arm surgery. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and a HAPPY NEW YEAR . (that includes those that have not cotributed yet)
    Be safe Brett,Kyle,Doug and Mat. Cheers to Brett, Kyle, Doug and Mat. RoyBoy.
    (If anyone dose not no of the collection please press archives on the side bar of the Twitter above and read India update # 6 and then I think I will hear from you. Good reading).

  2. have a good Christmas and safe passage home!

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