India Update #10

We’re almost healthy and we’re just about to return to the Ganga. I have no clue how web access will be for the coming days so you may not hear from me for a while (like 4 days).
I have added some pictures from Varanasi. If you’re enjoying the blogs or following on twitter or Facebook please feel free to share our journey.
All my best,
A message from Boy Roy…
I have the bank account set up for all your followers wishing to donate to the  “Mohd Ahmad fund”.
Royal Bank  #00752-5007356
All donations can be done with on line banking.  Visa transactions has to be done in your own bank where you may need the  bank  instatusion  # 3  along with account #00752-5007356
Thanks to all and a merry christmas to on the water and all of us off. Roy.
2 thoughts on “India Update #10
  1. The turban suits you!

  2. Hi everyone, just to update on the Mohd Ahmad collection fund I have received cheques for the fund and that’s great but it would help if you could send an email
    as well just in case it do’nt get here. Thank you all that have sent and I will reply. Roy.

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