India Update #7

Here are some new pictures.  The fog has finally lifted on the river and warm days of sun have returned.

With regards to Mohd Ahmad… Roy and Jen Quinn are taking the lead if you want to help.

Any one wishing to send their donation or name for me to follow up on
are welcome to do so.
our phone cell    # 289-400-0283.
Mail can be sent to

“Mohd Ahmad  donation”
285,Nisbet Blvd.
Waterdown. Ont. L0R 1H9.



2 thoughts on “India Update #7
  1. Hey bud! Love following along on this incredible journey of yours. The second after I read your update with Mohd Ahmad’s story, I sent you an email money transfer, but you have not accepted it yet. Not sure if you have online banking?

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