India Update #6

Just about to head down to the river and I realized I could access these pictures after all (unable to download 64 GB cards at the moment).

You will see Mohd Ahmad below, his eyes will pierce your heart.  His Mother, a widow, brought us to a family friend who is also a lawyer, his name is Haroon Ahmad (the man sitting at the table).  Haroon went through my phone and eventually contacted my Dad although it was Mohd Ahmad’s tuk-tuk assistant who actually tracked us down.

You can see Mohd Ahmad arm is severely injured. It’s been like this for years. Of course he is in pain and his injury has made taking care of his mother and three sisters very difficult (his Mother was such a strong person who also works hard).

Again, I cannot believe he wanted to return the camera case.  It would had been more than reasonable for him to sell it to make some money for his family but he is a man of honour and wanted it to be returned.

Now you can understand why we must help him. If it’s $2, $20, $200 or more… it’s the season of giving and the truth is the things we buy one another back home we don’t really need.  Let’s help change a life.  Mohd Ahmad has already changed ours.

I am away until the end of December but if anyone has any ideas as to how we can start raising money now (or any idea for that matter) please help me get the ball rolling.  If not, I will when I get home. Any help in spreading this story is greatly appreciated too.


9 thoughts on “India Update #6
  1. Hi Team India,
    Brett and the rest of you, no that we will get Mohd Ahmad’s arm fixed so start digging deep everybody and I offer my services to collect all donations untill the team return to Canada. Any one wishing to send their donation or name for me to follow up on
    are welcome to do so. If Brett agrees with this arrangement he can take over on his return but in the mean time I will look at arranging for a means of paying by credit card and speak more on the subject soon. Just an observation but I remember people
    on the Mississipi river treated our team fantasticly when they travelled that water a couple of years ago, so I think that its time we paid back some of that.
    I am Roy Quinn (father of Kyle /Cliff ) and my email is
    our phone cell # 289-400-0283.
    Mail can be sent to “Mohd Ahmad donation”
    285,Nisbet Blvd.
    Waterdown. Ont. L0R 1H9.
    I will publish the names of all the donations on this site.

  2. Hello Team India and Roy,

    If you want to be able to collect by credit card, you may be able to use the giving pages. I use the “Other Event/Occasion” page type to collect official donations for my global trips with Habitat for Humanity. But you can see in the drop-down for creating a giving page that they have all sorts of page types like birthdays and anniversaries, so I think you can use it for any reason! A friend of mine also used it to fundraise for improvements to a vocational school in Tanzania, so it would definitely be appropriate for this purpose. If you set up a giving page, you can link directly to your page ID on the blog!

    Hope that helps…. Erin :)

  3. That is great news Roy and Jen!!! Thank you for spear heading the campaign to raise funds to have Mohd Ahmad’s arm repaired so he can have a better life and not be in pain. I would like to offer my services as well to assist you with getting the word out.
    Do you know how an account can be set up with online credit card payment so people can easily donate? Thanks again for taking the initiative!!! Also, huge thanks to Team India. Stay safe always but especially down river, continued great journey!!! Love to you all,
    Mom xoxo

  4. hey brett

    this may be a little more ambitious than you have the time, energy, and resources for right now, but you guys could create a photo essay/book or a short doc. of the people you meet that are in need. you can raise money to produce it on, which accepts credit/debit cards, and have the proceeds go to the folks who need it. the only glitch with kickstarter is that you’ll need a US or UK citizen to set the project up, since they have yet to expand into Canada.

    good luck!

  5. Hey kids,

    count me in, i would love to help.
    just let me know where i can drop
    off my donation.

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