India Update #5

24 hours ago after a 15 hour day of travel that encompassed a series of planes, trains and automobiles our luck seemed to have run out.  Somewhere between a bus and a tuk-tuk ride to the hotel one of my bags with our DSLR camera and my phone went missing.  It was not until the next morning when I went to check the time that I realized what I had lost.

I felt sick.  I was mad at myself.  I could not believe I put myself in such a situation. But… I also knew I could not let a material lose define this trip. As a team we accepted our  lost and we decided to move on.  We went down to the river to check out our boat and toured around Allahabad gathering some last minute supplies.  The camera and phone was gone, there was nothing we could do.

At around 6 PM when we returned to the hotel to pack bags. Two young boys greeted us.  They were from the tuk-tuk and they had come to tell us they had my bag at their house.  I will finish this story later when I can properly share the humanity of this experience through the pictures and video that back up this story.  What I will say is the man responsible for this incredible gesture of honesty was also a man with a broken arm (who could not afford medical help to fix it and is now crippled because of this) who from an incredibly poor family where making $10 a day is a good day. His name is Mohd Ahmad.

When I get home I will help tell his story and with your help we will raise enough money to have his arm repaired.  I hope I can count on you.

I haven’t even been in India for a week but what I have experienced has been as powerful as all my years combined.  And we haven’t even hit the river yet…

See ya down river.


p.s. Tomorrow we hit the Ganga.  Phone access has been hard to get so don’t expect any updates for 5 days.

7 thoughts on “India Update #5
  1. The exceptional world of Mohd Ahmad and his humanity might have been overlooked if not for this moment that brought you together over a lost bag. The big job of a caring world is to acknowledge our differences as useful treasure. The opportunity to know our greater humanity. I am stirred by your journey; Brett, where you can feel the connections of us all and make them real. Happy Trails always!
    Alan Todd, volunteer with Ottawa Riverkeeper

  2. Your story reduced me to tears. How incredible that a man and his family with so little
    returned your camera and ‘phone. I am sure we can all work to ensure that this
    gentleman’s broken arm can be fixed and maybe help his family as well. Stay well and
    love to you all.


  3. Incredible man there are great people on this earth. Do good and it always come back around for you. What a story.

    See you down river

  4. This is an incredible journey for sure…… your bag with your camera and phone went missing then turned up and returned by somebody who could have easily sold it for a lot of money to feed his mother and sisters for 6 months probably or more but chose not to. He is a hero for sure!!! I too have been weeping over this and what an unselfish act that was of him to do!!! Good things happen to good people. I really hope people back here in Canada will find it in their hearts to help this young man out so he can get his mangled injured arm fixed soon.

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