India Update #1

Long story short, Matt and I had  a major delay in Europe thanks to plane problems.  The good news is 13 hours later we made it to Delhi and united with Doug and Cliff.  The bad news is our bags are somewhere in Europe.  Aside from that minor bump in the road our first day in India was incredible.

A big special thanks to Kensington Tours who has truly done an incredible job connecting us with their best guides in India.  We toured Old Delhi today which was an incredible first impression of India.  To top it off were staying in the best hotel in Delhi, the Taj Mahal City Centre which redefines what a 5 star hotel is all about. Yes… were spoiled.

Enjoy these pics. I am jet legged and ready for bed.  And let’s hope our bags can make it before we head out on the Ganges.  Either way this trip is going to be one for the ages.


Here is the email Cliff and Doug (Riggy) sent me when I landed in Delhi… pretty funny.


Welcome to India.

First thing we see and smell while walking out the airport doors, thick smog.

So it was only fitting for Cliff to light-up a smoke.

While puffing away the second thing we see is a gentleman walking by with an AK47. Lowville is a long, long way away.

At least the third experience of our Indian adventure, put ourselves and mothers everywhere at ease. He was a smiling local face who placed a freshly arranged marigold lay around our necks. He had a rather familiar name, AhNeil

AhNeil shuttled us up the lovely Tah Palace Hotel where smiles and greetings were more plentiful than most encounters back home in Canada.

Now if only Brett and Matt could finally get here we can start our expedition.

– Cliff and Rigg


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