River Ganges – Dec 2012

It has been a busy last little while.  In the past 6 weeks I have been working for Discovery Canada and have traveled to Florida, Georgia (USA), New York City, Scotland, England, California and now I am waiting to board a plane for Germany.  But my next big adventure is just around the corner and it’s on my own accord.

On December 7th I will be boarding a plane with Matt Telford, Cliff Quinn and Doug Copping destined for Delhi, India.  Our plan is to get a unique taste of India that can only be provided by traveling Hinduisms most sacred river; the River Ganges.  We will push off from Allahabad  where the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers become one and travel east using the gentle flow of the Ganges as our guide.  We will be spending 3 weeks in India before returning home for New Years. Of course traveling the world’s most populated and polluted river is sure to produce a variety of interesting circumstances that we will be faced with but that is half the reason why we want to take on this challenge.

Kensington Tours is providing the logistical support for the expedition which is a huge advantage for our team.  Plus we plan on sharing our experience via social media as we go.  Expect a more detailed update in the weeks to come as our departure start gets closer.


7 thoughts on “River Ganges – Dec 2012
  1. Namaste my good friend!

    Looking forward to following this new adventure. The question we are all wanting an answer to is, will you be filming this expedition. Hope so!!!

    As always, good winds and blue skies!

  2. Another amazing journey, would love to hear from you along the way.
    Know you have lots of loved ones cheering you on.
    You rock, be safe.

    Jany xo

  3. Lori Gingerich and Randy Green

    Awesome- I talk about you guys all the time and wish you all the best.
    The Mississippi was at record floods this summer and now lower than ever. Amazing she is. Look forward to postings. Cheers! :-)

  4. Good luck Brett. Can’t wait to see your updates. Ps – don’t drink the water!!

  5. You have been very busy of late. You are lucky you are going to experience a unique country, with lots of different customs etc. E njoy yourself, i will wait to see if you have any updates, should be interesting,

  6. Looking forward to following along! What a trip!

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