Old Man River – Looking Forward

What can I say… The World Premiere of Old Man River Project was a smash hit.  Thanks to our sponsors, Rotary Club and to the 380 people who came out to watch the sold out show at Silver City in Oakville.  Now it’s time to bring the big screen to the small screen and spread the word of the river…

post screening with some of the OMR crew and our MC. (Brett, Riggy, Max, Cliff and Seth)

When we set out to navigate the Mississippi River in August of 2009, we created 5 pillars as the foundation for the Old Man River Project with the explicit intent of supporting the mission of Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper.

5 Pillars of the Old Man River Project

1. Build a 32 foot wooden York Boat and name her ANNIE.

2. Travel the length of the Mississippi River from Bemidji, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana – a distance of 2400 miles or 4000 km.

3. Document the expedition through words, images and video on the blog and for the documentary.

4. Hand ANNIE over to Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper after reaching the Gulf of Mexico.

5. Promote and connect people to the story of the modern day Mississippi through the Old Man River Project documentary.

We have long accomplished the first 4 pillars of the project, now after 2 years of editing down 670 hours of footage into a 90 minute story, the 5th and final pillar has finally been accomplished.  And the best part is, the 5th pillar has no end destination to be reached…Old Man River Project will be available to everyone online, for free, forever. 

OMR-Project consists of 10 chapters that documents the 6 month adventure from the 2 month boat build to the 4 month expedition.  Starting Tuesday, April 10th, the first chapter will be released online.  Every Tuesday thereafter, the following chapter will be added until all 10 chapters are online by Tuesday, June 12th.

Our goal is to spread the lessons of the Mississippi River to all who want to experience one of the world’s greatest waterways.  We hope you can help us maximize the effectiveness of the OMR-Project by sharing this story with friends, family and co-workers.

There will be more information to come next week.  See you on the water,


4 thoughts on “Old Man River – Looking Forward
  1. You encountered a lot of challenges on the river, handled it the best way you know. Good luck for the rest of river!!

  2. I am trying to watch your journey, but I can only find chapter 1 of 10. Where can I find the rest?

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