Endless white of ice and snow, all highlighted with shades of brilliant blue.

Gripped into a deep cold so unrelenting that time stands still.

The White Continent is a land absorbed by a never-ending season of cold and colder.

Here, cascading mountains are seemingly glazed over by an impenetrable layer of frozen water, the result of a thousand winters.

Antarctica is so forbidden in nature yet so remarkably beautiful by sight.

4 thoughts on “Antarctica
  1. Can’t wait to see the pictures buddy.

  2. Sounds beautiful, I want to go. Safe travels home, you’re missed.

  3. Sounds like a must for the bucket list…I’ve started with Arizona and I like the sound of the “A” places especially Antartica. Safe journey home and hope to see you over Christmas.
    Jany xo

  4. Brett

    Your description makes the antartic sound incredibly beautiful. However, I will wait to see your pictures and films and then head to warmer climates. Look forward to seeing over the holidays. Safe travels.

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