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Brett and Chief overlooking Lake Lebarge in the Yukon Territory. July 2007

Hey River Rats,

If anyone is in Germany, the first screening of “100 Days” outside of North America will be in Erlangen, Germany on Jan. 13th, 2012, followed by a second screening on the 17th. Find out more about it at (sorry, only in German)

‘100 Days’ has long been sold and handed over to OLN in Canada but as of now, the piece will not be aired until next summer. If you have yet to see this documentary, email me at and I will see what I can do…

As for “Old Man River‘, the piece is complete. We have a screening set for March 1st in Burlington and I will be heading back to New Orleans/Baton Rouge to do the same. Details to come. The piece will be going out to broadcasters in Canada soon as I peruse a couple of viable options.

After 3 years of teaching TV Documentary at a local College, I have officially retired. All my energy is now focused on developing the next project and getting back onto the water later this summer. I have a half-dozen options ranging from the Ganges, Athabasca and even hiking a World War II pipeline in the far north. Time will tell what will be next.

In the meantime I will be heading to Hong Kong for a History Channel gig and hope to do some work with Mighty Ships on Discovery Channel in the New Year.

That’s my update. Happy New Year!


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