Post TEDx


I am back in Lowville after a great trip to Montreal for TEDxMcGill. A special thanks to Joce for inviting me to speak at this great event. My talk will soon be online to watch so stay tuned.

Life has been busy for me as of late. Now back from Montreal, I am leaving for Argentina tomorrow as I will be heading to Antarctica in a few days. I am working on a show for Discovery Channel called “Mighty Ships”.

As for 100 DAYS, the voice over is all written and Les is doing the recording this week. Then starting in the new year we begin the edit for OLD MAN RIVER. Max is the editor for both production and he is heading off on a well deserved vacation soon enough.

That is the update. You will hear from me from the south sea as the ship has wifi.

See ya on the ocean,


2 thoughts on “Post TEDx
  1. Life is getting so exciting for you Brett. All your hard work is starting to pay off.
    Happy adventures in the Antartica. Brrrrrrrrr!
    Be safe, HL

  2. Hi Brett, Hope you have kept dry and warm, a lttle different trip than your others but that means it is turning the corner. Cogratulations, enjoy and build up for the next one. Well done Brett! Jennie and Roy. Cheers again.

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