Support Les Stroud in the fight against Shark fin soup

Sharks are at the top of the food chain in virtually every part of every ocean. In that role, they keep populations of other fish healthy. However, the world’s shark population is in trouble. Sharks face the threat of extinction in every part of the world primarily due to overfishing and that over-fishing is driven by the high demand for shark fins. More than 100 countries are involved in the business of trading in shark fins with China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand being the main players.

Shark fin soup has been a Chinese delicacy since the Ming Dynasty but back then, only the Emperor and his guests ate it. Until about twenty years ago, shark fin soup was served mostly in Hong Kong and other cities with Chinese populations, but only rarely in China, itself. But with China’s rise to prosperity, Shark fin soup has become a popular status symbol at banquets, business dinners, and weddings. That adds up to a lot of shark fin soup, and a lot of sharks are being killed just for their fins to make this soup.

Although Shark fin soup is the leading cause to the demise of the world’s shark population, shark fin soup is legal and available in Canada. What we really need is the Federal Government to ban the importation and sale of all shark fin products in Canada but in order for this to happen, the public has to make their voice heard. On Oct 13th support Les Stroud and others in the fight for a FIN FREE TORONTO and if you can, write your local Member of Parliament a letter to say that you want Canada to band all shark fin products.

To learn more go to SHARK SAVERS where I pulled most of the above information.

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