Manitoba Moose Hunt

I’ve been eating meat my entire life. While I would say I am somewhat sensitive to the idea that eating meat means eating something that was once alive, I can’t say that I truly understood the ...

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Music Shoot on the Bow River

I shot two music videos along the Bow River in beautiful Canmore, Alberta this past Feburary. We had very little time but we got it done, and I like the results. Above has the Chang Sisters covering ...

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Drink Local & Recycle

I made this video right after I purchased my Sony FS5 making it my first slow motion experiment. While there is some flickering from the lights and the video is a bit grainy… for a ...

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Kensington Tours – Vietnam Top 5

I produced this video for Kensington Tours, an upscale private tour company. Kensington wanted to drive exposure towards private guided tours in Vietnam by doing a ‘top 5’ video format. Here is the final result. From ...

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A Bartender Guide To…

I recently purchased a new camera, the Sony FS5. One of the great features to this camera is the slow motion frame rate options. Here are three videos I produced that highlights some of those ...

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The sun sets over the River Ganges as it prepares to rise back home in the west

This is Kind of Cool

It’s very rewarding to know something you did had an impact on another person and that’s the main reason I picked up a video camera in the first place – to inspire people to explore ...

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Hanging out with Chief after I got back from the Yukon in the fall of 2013.

Chief: Goodbye to a Legend

Every dog is special but there was something about Chief that brought on a legendary status that few, if any dogs can match. He travelled by log raft on the Yukon River, he would steal ...

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