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Music Shoot on the Bow River

I shot two music videos along the Bow River in beautiful Canmore, Alberta this past Feburary. We had very little time but we got it done, and I like the results. Above has the Chang Sisters covering ...

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Drink Local & Recycle

I made this video right after I purchased my Sony FS5 making it my first slow motion experiment. While there is some flickering from the lights and the video is a bit grainy… for a ...

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Welcome to

Just over 12 years ago I set off to explore the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories on a homemade raft to make my first documentary. Today I split my time between digital marketing and ...

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update & vids

The future of 7 Days in Hell is uncertain but I do plan on getting back outside in due time. For now I thought I share a video sample from the last 10 years of ...

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Update – 7 Days and More

Thanks for tuning into 7 Days In Hell.  The response has been very encouraging, both from friends and total strangers.  I really hope we can land a series, and we should know more about that ...

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Annie’s Journey Continues!

Greetings! Things are coming along very nicely with 7 Days In Hell. I will have more to share soon but in the meantime follow my twitter account  @brettonthewater for updates in the mean time. It’s ...

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Back from Hell

Greetings, My feet are so badly beat up I can hardly walk thanks to a combination of blisters and calluses from hiking through the wilderness in leather-soled boots that where wet more often than they ...

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